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Spiritual, Mental & Physical Balance


     Plumbline Holistic Wellness is a great place to learn how to began and follow your journey to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life through the restoration of your body's natural balance. We will devise a plan and teach you how to use this plan to restore your body's natural rhythm allowing you and your body to be in sync with the natural world in which we all live. 

    We Are Not Medical Doctors and we are Not a Medical Center, we are Spiritual Facilitators, Holistic Wellness Advisors and Educators.

     For your RBTI (ph) specimens, we teach you how to do your collecting and test your specimen in the convenience of your own home. For all other medical testing visit our partner Ulta Labs who does a wide variety of medical testing. Once the lab has completed analyzing your specimens Ulta Labs will send you the results and you can request Ulta Labs send a copy of your labs results to us to help us formulate a plan tailored to your specific physical and mental requirements.

    Please make use of the educational materials we have available in our educational center, if you have any questions you can check through our FAQ and see if that answers your question, if not you can send us an email or give us a call at 423-972-8579..Once you decide on which services you would like to pursue, you can purchase them here and your receipt will have links to the intake forms you will need to download and complete before our first meeting.


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